#TEDTalkTuesday begins!

Here at UniCrew we think inspiration is key. Thats why we love keeping up with the latest news, following our favourite blogs and stalking our favourite companies to find out how they do what they do. We are looking forward to sharing all of these things in the coming weeks, but for now let us turn to one of our other favourite sources of inspirations:


We frigging love TED Talks. And thats why every Tuesday here on the blog, we want to share our favourites, in a new feature we are calling TED Talk Tuesdays (the alliteration is very important).

First up: one of our favourite talks which inspired and informed a number of our projects.

Candy Chang, an artist from New Orleans, looked at her community and saw an opportunity for connection. An abandoned house formed the canvas on which she asked people a simple question: Before I die I want to____…..

The results were poignent, funny and touching. You can watch the talk to check it out for yourself.

Her talk inspired us to make our own Before I Die installation:

before i die

Stay tuned next week for the #TEDTalkTuesday, and keep being inspired.