Humans of Unicrew: Chelle Fitzgerald

Welcome back to Humans of Unicrew! Taking inspiration from “Humans of New York” we are trying to catch up with the wonderful people that make this volunteering world go around. One of the beautiful things about this community is that it is ordinary people doing their part to make the uni, the city and the world just a wee bit more awesome. 


“I work as a volunteer for the Taoka Digitization Project at Otago Museum, which involves cataloguing, describing, photographing and digitising Otago Museum’s massive collection of Kai Tahu (Ngai Tahu) taonga (special artefacts). Having the collection available online will be a wonderful way to share this culture with other museums and the rest of the world.”
“Cultural preservation is extremely important to me as a New Zealander – having recently lived for eight years in a country (Australia) that places little importance on indigenous culture and seeing the range of issues that I believe are a direct result of this indifference, I feel respectful and protective of what New Zealand has achieved. I’m pakeha but am grateful for the continual education I received as a New Zealand student in the way of Maori culture/Te Reo and I’m motivated to volunteer because this is something that is particularly special to me and I want to help preserve the culture for generations to come.”

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