Humans of Unicrew: Jack Power

Welcome back to Humans of Unicrew! Taking inspiration from “Humans of New York” we are trying to catch up with the wonderful people that make this volunteering world go around. One of the beautiful things about this community is that it is ordinary people doing their part to make the uni, the city and the world just a wee bit more awesome. 

This is a special episode brought to you by big hearted humans tackling the less sun-shiney side of volunteering. A huge amount of the work we do is hugely rewarding, a lot of fun and a generally positive experience all round. Sometimes though, the proverbial happens and someone needs to be there to help out. Unicrew received a request for volunteers to assist with a domestic violence situation. We put the call out and Jack is one of those superstars, helping a family out of a pretty intense situation.


What motivates you to volunteer?

I’ve always like helping out in anyway I can, whether its a small favour or something bigger. The satisfaction I get from seeing people smile is a always amazing. The family were incredibly kind and thankful to us. It only took a couple of hours out of our day but will benefit the family a huge amount.

What needs to change in Dunedin?

I have moved down from Dunedin from Christchurch and absolutely love the city! It’s got an incredible vibe to it and is a very fun city to live in. The students here have a huge amount of energy and up-and-go, if a tiny bit of this could go into helping others in need it could make this city even better.

What have you found most challenging or upsetting during your volunteer activities?

Probably the fact that you can’t help everyone. There are many people in similar situations to the family we helped out but you never hear about it.

If you could have dinner with anyone, whom would you choose?
David Attenborough, Inspiring person who must have an immense passion for his wonderful career, would be interesting to talk to.

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