Photo Essay: The Dunedin Sleep Out

Here are some gorgeous photos from the Dunedin Sleep Out. The Sleep Out happened on Friday the 28th of July. It was a bitterly cold night, but our troops braved it all in order to raise awareness about New Zealand’s rising levels of homelessness. Students and staff from the University of Dunedin came together to experience one night sleeping rough, to get a taste of life on the streets, and to raise critical funds to tackle homelessness.

To quote Volunteering Otago,

Homelessness is not as visible in Dunedin as it can be in larger cities overseas. Nonetheless, according to the Dunedin Night Shelter Trust, there are homeless people in Dunedin every night of the week. The Dunedin Night Shelter provides a vital service for our most vulnerable citizens. An increased demand on the service due to growing social problems and better coordination with organisations such as the police, community mental health teams, and Prisoners Aid means more volunteers are presently needed.








More than 41,000 people in New Zealand have no place to call home.

Over half of New Zealand’s homeless are under 25.

One quarter are children.

You can check out the Dunedin Night Shelter here:


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