Humans of Unicrew: Brianna Nally

Welcome back to Humans of Unicrew! Taking inspiration from “Humans of New York” we are trying to catch up with the wonderful people that make this volunteering world go around. One of the beautiful things about this community is that it is ordinary people doing their part to make the uni, the city and the world just a wee bit more awesome. 

This week we caught up with Brianna Nally! This cool human has volunteered in a range of roles and had some insight on her volunteering experiences for us!


Why do you like helping others?

Everyone needs help at some time or another, and its really nice when someone is there for you when you need it, no matter what the problem is. We generally live in a society where this kind of support can always be found, but this only works if we give as well as take. If I can help anyone out, I therefore will. It makes me happy to know that someone I help today could go on and help another tomorrow, and so the trend goes on.

What has been your most rewarding volunteering experience and why? 

My most rewarding volunteering experience would be, in general, my involvement with the Chemistry Outreach group here at UO. In particular, our recent trip to Taiwan to run a workshop in a national high school chemistry camp there. It was fantastic to meet lots of new people, both students and teachers, and gain an insight into not only how students in other countries work but also how the whole event was managed differently. I feel it provided me with wider knowledge of running/organising these kind of events and more confidence for when I do that kind of thing back here in NZ.

What do you think needs to change in the University of Otago student community and why?

Like I said previously, I think us students need to realise that a happy and functioning community (university-wide or otherwise) cannot function properly on the good deeds of a few alone. Volunteer! Get involved with something new! It doesn’t have to be boring like picking up rubbish, it could be promoting your subject (like I do with chemistry), helping out the international students (eg conversational english through the SLDC, which I had a lot of fun doing!), or just proof reading a friends assignment.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you want to have dinner with and why?

Marie Curie; she’s been a great inspirational figure for me – she made amazing discoveries and dedicated her life to her scientific endeavours, despite the prejudice against women in the field at the time. I’d love to hear how she dealt with that, and what encouraged her to get into the field in the first place. And I’d want her to know how many past, present and future scientists she has or will be an idol for 🙂

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