Our Crew


Sze-En Watts

I’ve finished my degree in Zoology and Tourism. Now, I’m sometimes a space-cadet with my head in the clouds but a full time matchmaker between good humans and great opportunities. My volunteer stints have included being a giant koala mascot, releasing turtle hatchlings to the ocean, and sharing conservation skills with a Tibetan mountain village community. Life is better when you have generosity as one of your default settings.

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Lucy Patterson – Photo and Video Lead

After being a part of an epic Unicrew team in 2016, I am raring to go this year with a crowd of mostly fresh faces. I love being in the thick of the volunteering scene, as it reminds me not only of all the amazing students at Otago, but also the cool individuals out in the community doing incredible work that deserves to be recognised. I’m looking forward to seeing what magic Pete and I can create with our combined photography and video skills to continue to spread the volunteering word.

My favourite quote would have to be JK Rowling’s “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities” – said by Dumbledore to Harry.

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Pete Naik – Photo and Video Lead

Hey, I’m Pete! This is my fourth year in Dunedin and I’m starting my masters degree in Natural History Filmmaking. I’m one of the photo and video leads for Unicrew, and my spare time is devoted to photography and videography, as well as birdwatching and scuba diving. I see volunteering as an opportunity to make a difference around the community, and I hope to volunteer as much as possible over 2017!

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Malcolm Jones – Community Relations Representative

I became involved in the university volunteer scene from an organisational standpoint as the Service Representative on Carrington’s Student Executive. This year I am stepping into the UniCrew Executive as a part of the Community Relations Team where I will continue to meaningfully connect us students with our community.

The environment and education are two key interests for me, and so this year I mean to provide students with a number of opportunities to volunteer in their community particularly in maintaining a sustainable environment and educating the next generation of young people. My role as a representative is to represent you and your message, so this year I will also help you in whatever volunteering aspirations you may have.

I look forward to a productive and happy year ahead with you all. To anyone who wants to have a chat about volunteering in Dunedin, my (figurative) door is always open!


Abigail Clark – Community Relations Representative

My name is Abi, I study a double degree in Maths and Anatomy, with a Music minor. I’m from Dunedin. In my spare time you’ll find me running, making smoothies, baking, and playing music. I also love volunteering, and encouraging others to volunteer. It is so great knowing that you’ve helped someone and getting that awesome feeling of giving back to the community. My goals for 2017 are to graduate and to run a 10k.
“Be kind to one another” by Ellen Degeneres


Damon Lillis – Community Relations Representative

Hey everyone! This year I’m studying towards a BA with Honours in Sociology. I have lived in Dunedin my whole life, so I’m really excited to have the opportunity to get out and help people in my local community. Outside of volunteering, some of my passions are football (or soccer as some people call it), Hamilton (the musical not the town, sorry Hamiltonians), and fighting inequality. I can’t wait to meet all you amazing people out there!


Aliyah Ali – Community Relations Representative

Hola everyone! I am studying gender studies and psychology as my majors. Volunteering has always been a selfish passion of mine because it always makes me feel good! And who doesn’t like feeling good, right? I have been part of many causes over the years. Volunteering has brought me nothing but happiness and the opportunity to spread the word about things I believe in. I’ve also met some pretty awesome people along the way! Please don’t be afraid to say hi when you see me around the campus, I promise I don’t bite (unless I haven’t had my morning coffee, just kidding hehe). I look forward to meeting you all this year. Hasta luego amigos!


Beau Xu – Event Coordinator

Hey I’m Beau! I’m a 4th Year and currently doing my postgraduate diploma in public health. My hobbies are travelling,  sleeping, eating and looking at dogs that I plot to steal. I really enjoy working with people, my dream job is one where you can count how many you impacted daily. Unicrew fulfills these desires for me!
Do anything you enjoy and be who you want to be after all, ‘It’s called a trash CAN not a trash CAN’T’ – some guy on the Internet


Mary Beban – Event Coordinator 

Kia Ora, I’m Mary. An adventurous soul that prefers to fly under the radar. Giving my time to others in whatever form is what makes me zealous for this world. Be kind to others because you never know the battles they’re facing.

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Rosemary Dore – Event Coordinator

I am incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to contribute to positively shaping the community through UniCrew in 2017! I believe it is important for us to
choose to foster positivity in our communities in any way that we can. As the wise J. K. Rowling once wrote: “it is our choices… that show what we truly are.”


Kasey Miles – Relationships Manager

People are amazing, and we can all bring great change when we work together. My name
is Kasey Miles and I am the Relationships Manager for Unicrew in 2017 – and in case you had not already guessed I love people. I am completing Postgraduate Honours in Psychology, and I also volunteer as a victim support worker and mentor Otago youth. I’m a sucker for a cliché and my friends would attest that I’m a big believer in Dreaming Big! I cannot wait for 2017, and to see what change Unicrew can bring about this year.


Matthew Moloney – Coordinator, Change Collective

As BCom Student, Unicrew is the craziness and excitement missing from those 8am econometrics lectures (who would have thought!). For me, it is a place where ideas flourish, people grow and real change occurs. In between these adjective-laden moments, I am generally exploring the landscapes in NZ or abroad in a pair of far too worn-out running shoes.


Finn Shewell- Intercollegiate Coordinator

Hey guys! As well as being your Intercollegiate Coordinator, I serve as a Residential Assistant up at Aquinas College, and Campus Ambassador with Inspiring Stories.
A quote I love is: “High-five the status quo in the face… with a chair”- Dan Flynn of ThankYou. I’d say that sums up what we do here at Unicrew pretty well!


Kiri Lenagh-Glue- Intercollegiate Coordinator

I’ve been a local since 2008, volunteering since 2009, and doing a double degree in Computer Science and Classics since 2015. When I’m not crying over code, or dead historical figures, I’m baking or playing with my dog. Or eating said baking.

“‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky’ – Michael Scott”


Tia Yu- International Coordinator
It has been five years since I first volunteered to help out Grandpa John, and we still talk regardless of distance and time zone. I truly understand when we talk that ‘the fragrance always remains in the hands that give the rose’.

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Siti Aag- Wellness and Culture Coordinator

I hail from South East Asia but have travelled a lot throughout my life. During my travels, I’ve experienced different cultures and met with many faces, young and old, rich and poor, all with stories of their own. One of the most important things I’ve learnt from all these faces is that everyone needs a helping hand to get through. Extending a hand lets others know that someone is out there to ease their burden and help carry their weight. That is why I pursue volunteering, to make a difference in someone’s life, even if it’s only one person.


Oli Stewart- Digital Media and Marketing Coordinator
Hi, I’m Oliver! I come from Oamaru and am a fifth year student studying Information Science and Marketing. I’m looking forward to using the skills I have gained from university courses to help with Unicrew’s marketing strategies. My greatest hero is Jack Hetherington, A physicist who made his cat the co-author of his esteemed physics paper because he’d written ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ throughout the whole thing and couldn’t be bothered changing it.

Jasmine Mayhead- Digital Media and Marketing Coordinator
My names Jasmine, like the flower, not the princess. I’m currently finishing off my last semester of a double degree in Marketing/Communication Studies. When asked why I chose to volunteer, I think this quote from the incredible Jane Goodall sums it up perfectly: ‘You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make’. Can’t wait to meet, and volunteer with you all!


Jean Balchin- Blog and Print Editor

Kiaora, my name is Jean and I’m studying doing my honours degree in English Literature. I am very passionate about a number of social justice issues, especially intersectional feminism, mental health issues, and suicide prevention. I play the piano and the violin and I have my own radio programme with Otago Access Radio, where I discuss social issues, interview interesting local folk and wax lyrical on topics of science, art and literature.


Mel Ansell- Blog and Print Editor
Hi! I’m a part-time psychology student and part-time writer. When I’m getting haunted with a healthy dose of writer’s block, I procrastinate with reading, watching films and volunteer work. This year I hope to meet and interview some colourful characters and report their contributions to volunteering in Otago in order to inspire the next generation of student volunteers!


Therese Styles- Blog and Print Editor
Hello friends! I’m a fourth year student with a BA in Psychology and working towards a Bachelor of Social Work. My role on the Unicrew Exec is to help create blog content and hopefully make you think or inspire you to join this weird and wonderful community we have going on. I’m pretty excited to see what 2017 has in store for this team and our community as a whole. A quote I love: “whatever you are, be a good one” – Abraham Lincoln.